"If you know without any reservation what God has
ordained you to do, just do it."
 - Vanessa Williams

Like most of us in the horse world, I have had many
good instructors, read many good books, and have had a
lot of trial and error.  I've arrived at my own style of
riding and training which is devised from all that I have
experienced.  So thanks to all those who have shared
their philosophies, methods, opinions, and styles with me.

I'm still a believer that good horsemanship is good
horsemanship no what the discipline.  I'm also a believer
that a good horse is a good horse no matter what the

At this stage in my life, I'm focusing on excellence.  I've
ridden and trained many breeds of horses.  I keep
coming back to the Lipizzan.  This breed tends to offer
the challenges and rewards that make horse riding and
training interesting.

We currently have a number of Lipizzans and other
classically trained horses at our facility.  I welcome
sharing them with others that have similar interests.  
Being exposed to a well-trained horse and learning what
it took to make that happen can help move your own
skills and knowledge at a faster rate.

To train with us, you must be dedicated, open to
suggestion and change; you must want to work on your
position; you must enjoy caring for the horse; you must
be aware of the horse's needs; you must be striving for

Rachel Wehrheim, MRF Head Trainer & Manager
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